Code Odyssey - The next chapter

It's n been a bit quiet here but we will try to change that now. We are now running on a completely new blog engine and got a brand new design.

I would like to say thanks to the people that been involved developing this blog engine. Erik, Johan (who made the design you are seeing right now), Glenn, Carl and Andreas. It's great that there are a few mad mans left that would consider to developing your owe engine instead of going for the easy option of customizing WordPress.

We are mostly blogging on the Swedish domain of this blog but will try to change that and have more english content. We will continue to write about web development, usability, design, CSS, ASP.NET, c#, SQL Server, script library's such as jQuery and more.

We will also write about the new platform ASP.NET MVC since we been using it for the last 6 month and like it a lot. The new blog enginge is build on this and it's really been a pleasure. Finally we got user friendly URL:s, beautiful html without ViewState and the server side ID:s which came with web forms. Just pure HTML love.

We will continue to develop this blog and add new functionality. Will also try to blog abut it as we move along so that others can get some ideas and inspiration.

Please subscribe to the RSS if you think this sounds interesting. It has moved from the last version, but the old address will still work.

By Jesper Lind

Friendly XSS-worm fixes your Wordpress installation

Got a message from the security expert beni which says that he has found 7 security issues with the blog platform Wordpress (latest version 2.2.1).

He has now created a friendly XSS-worm which uses this vulnerabilities to patch your system. More instructions how to do this in his blog-post.

Now that the flaws are known to the public there are a big risk of XSS-attacks happening. So you now got two options, wait for the official Wordpress-fix, or apply beni's fix to have an immidiate protection.

If you apply the patch from this recommendation, I am not responsible for any side affects this might have. But I trust beni, so I think you can go on with the patching. Just make sure you do a proper backup before you start.

More info

Update: Wordpress has now released a security fix. Benjamin Flesch (beNi) is impressed it only took 6 days but, but not so happy they didn't mention him at first. They have now however put a thank you message in their blog post. Mission complete.

By Jesper Lind

Films about social media and citizen journalism

Everybody that writes and sort data on the we helps th create the collaborative intelligens. This first film contains clippings from an article on Wired. We are teaching the machine...

The next clips is about citizen journalism. Cambridge Community Television does an historical review on alternative media.

The last film is called "Blogumentary" and takes us through the story about some famous bloggers in USA. Directed by Chuck Olsen.

(thanks Beta Alfa)

By Jesper Lind