This autumns CSS Reboot has begun

Yes! I have finally completed my contribution for this autumn's CSS Reboot. An affair where hundreds of web developers are encouraged to update their web sites simultaneously.

The process
I am not an web designer but foremost an programmer. I can not compete with the other contributions of the reboot but wanted to take part anyway. My goal with this design was to create an web standard correct site without any CSS-hacks at all. I was really tired of the old look and wanted to improve. I wanted to use rounded corners on some places and for this I used the teriffic Nifty Corners Tube. But since it is not possible to have transparency on the outside of the corners I also used another technique found on

No support for IE6
I decided not to have any support for IE6 or earlier versions of Internet Explorer and I wanted to use transparent PNG images (which does not work in IE6). So if you can't see my logo in the top or if the borders look strange - you are probably using IE6.

Other rebooters
There are a lot of nice rebooters this time. I will update this section as I find more web sites that I like. Here are some of them in no particular order.

I especially like with the nice collage of images.

The german designer site Mein Brandenburg has done an absolute masterpiece. Very nice images in the gallery as well.

I also like the contribution from the developer Edoardo Sabadelli. A nice design with an intresting three-column layout with the meny in the middle. Works really well. has done a stylish layout against a dark gray background. Love that frog! Simple and clean html, these are definitely an company I would trust if I needed a site design.

Gradient Dropshadow Curve has a light design. I really like that AJAX search-box as well.

By Jesper Lind