Flash audio player from 1 Pixel Out

I've been looking for a Flash audio player and found a nice one called 1 Pixel Out - Audio Player. The only thing I'm missing is a volume control.

The player is availible as a plugin for Wordspress and it's source code can be downloaded here. It's free to modify due to the GNU-licence status.

If you like to use the player with another platform than Wordpress Mindy McAdams has the instruction.

Here are a few examples. Mixes are borrowed from our friend DJ JayStarSeven.



By Jesper Lind

AS3 particle-generator with Flex


Been playing around a bit with the new Adobe software Flex and I like it a lot. I have not used it that much yet but I realize that the possibilities are enormous. For a coder like me, it's a great relief to be able to use ActionScript 3.0 directly in Flex. Without the timeline and graphic interface that is such a prominent part of the normal Flash software.

Michael Battle is a flash developer who recently started to play around with AS3. He shared the source code of a particle generator and I had a go with it in Flex. I have only changed the parameters a bit and used other colors. As you can see from his experiments there are a great improvement in performance in AS3 compared to earlier versions.

Click and drag on the green area (flash 9 requred)


By Jesper Lind

Christmas games x 6


I've collected a few links for Christmas games to play with in the holidays. Merry Christmas!

1. Mission in snowdrift land - game from Nintendo where you control a snowman.

2. Snowline - ride a toboggan and collect Christmas gifts.

3. Busy Santa - help Santa to build toys.

4. Winterbells - jump on bells.

5. Snowdays - cut your own snowflakes.

6. Make-a-flake - more snowflakes.

Bonus: Sober Santa has been around for some years, but give it a go if you haven't seen it. The too-drunk-Santa is rather amusing.

By Jesper Lind

Japanese artist delivers masterpieces on Roxik.com


I started to subscribe to the blog RockOnFlash a while ago where John Grden writes about rock, drums, Flash and more. Recently he wrote a post about the japanese artist Masayuki Kido - who presents his work on Roxik.com.

I can really recommend a visit to the site where you are greeted by an animated self portrait of the artist in 3D. You can pull the face with the mouse and when released it shakes for a while and makes a funny face.

The same artist has also created an absolutely fantastic animation where people are flying around in a storm. Really advanced stuff and very beautiful.

And it doesn't end there, also check out the "pictaps" application where you can draw your own figures which dances in 3D.

By Jesper Lind

Simple 2D physics engine for flash

Flade open source actionscript 2.0 library for simulating 2D physics written by Alec Cove. It currently features rectangular, circular, & wheel primitives, spring & angular constraints, and surfaces composed of line segments, circles, & rectangles.

This is an example I made with a tank thingy in a ramp.

1. Click one time on the screen.
2. Control with left<>right arrow buttons

By Jesper Lind