AS3 particle-generator with Flex

Been playing around a bit with the new Adobe software Flex and I like it a lot. I have not used it that much yet but I realize that the possibilities are enormous. For a coder like me, it's a great relief to be able to use ActionScript 3.0 directly in Flex. Without the timeline and graphic interface that is such a prominent part of the normal Flash software.

Michael Battle is a flash developer who recently started to play around with AS3. He shared the source code of a particle generator and I had a go with it in Flex. I have only changed the parameters a bit and used other colors. As you can see from his experiments there are a great improvement in performance in AS3 compared to earlier versions.

Click and drag on the green area (flash 9 requred)


By Jesper Lind

Create Flex-apps with online compiler

Flex is really a cool concept that makes development of flash-applications a lot easier. If you wanna se what it's all about before buying the software, there is a online compiler avalible.

Start from scratch and write MXML- and ActionScript-cod, or start with the examples. When you are ready there are a button to get the code emailed to you directly. Below there's an exampel of an RSS-reader that I made.

Bear in mind that you can't enter any RSS-feed because of the sequrity settings in the flash-player. And for some reason my feed on the english version wouldn't work, so the app loads my swedish feed.



By Jesper Lind