Create screendumps as seen in different browsers

I just found this really nice service called You just type in an URI some distributed computers (mostly Linux) visits the site and creates the screenshots. The images appears after a few minutes.

It is perfect now in the changing times between IE6 and IE7 since it's not possible to have them installed on the same computer. It can be done with the unofficial stand alone versions, but I heard it doesn't work that good. currently supports the following browsers:

# Linux: Dillo 0.8, Epiphany 2.14, Firebird 0.7, Firefox 1.0, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 3.0, Flock 0.7, Galeon 2.0, Konqueror 3.5, Mozilla 1.7, Navigator 4.8, Opera 9.0, Phoenix 0.5, SeaMonkey 1.0

# Windows: MSIE 6.0

Now we only need a similar thing for Safari.

Update: They have now added support for Safari.

Thanks to Edoardo Sabadelli for writing about it in his blog. And of course to the people behind the service for making it happen.

By Jesper Lind

Still some bugs in PNG support of IE7

I quote this from some comments of a IEBlog post. Mainly to remember for myself when I try out some of that PNG magic.

There are at least 2 major bugs with PNG support in IE7 at the moment.

1.) The Gamma is all wrong, meaning all images are darker than they should be.
2.) Transparency fails, if overlaid over any background that is also set to transparent.

Since the whole issue with PNG support that we complained about in IE6, was the lack of full alpha transparency, I see the current implementation as only half way there.

By Jesper Lind

Internet Explorer 7 (Beta 3) is released

I tested beta 3 a bit and it looks very good. It's a bit irritating that you can't (as far as I know) run both of the versions on the same machine. Since I have a big need to test websites on IE6 I was forced to uninstall IE7.

Now we are waiting for the final realease (due this autumn). The big question is how well it will suppport the web standards from World Wide Web Consortium. Hopefully it will be much better than the old IE6 which lacks in a number of areas.

By Jesper Lind