Films about social media and citizen journalism

Everybody that writes and sort data on the we helps th create the collaborative intelligens. This first film contains clippings from an article on Wired. We are teaching the machine...

The next clips is about citizen journalism. Cambridge Community Television does an historical review on alternative media.

The last film is called "Blogumentary" and takes us through the story about some famous bloggers in USA. Directed by Chuck Olsen.

(thanks Beta Alfa)

By Jesper Lind

Create screendumps as seen in different browsers

I just found this really nice service called You just type in an URI some distributed computers (mostly Linux) visits the site and creates the screenshots. The images appears after a few minutes.

It is perfect now in the changing times between IE6 and IE7 since it's not possible to have them installed on the same computer. It can be done with the unofficial stand alone versions, but I heard it doesn't work that good. currently supports the following browsers:

# Linux: Dillo 0.8, Epiphany 2.14, Firebird 0.7, Firefox 1.0, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 3.0, Flock 0.7, Galeon 2.0, Konqueror 3.5, Mozilla 1.7, Navigator 4.8, Opera 9.0, Phoenix 0.5, SeaMonkey 1.0

# Windows: MSIE 6.0

Now we only need a similar thing for Safari.

Update: They have now added support for Safari.

Thanks to Edoardo Sabadelli for writing about it in his blog. And of course to the people behind the service for making it happen.

By Jesper Lind

Visual search with Quintura

Quintura is a really interesting new search service where the results is presented in a visual manner. If you search the name of our company is looks something like the picture. Normal links are presented in the lower part.
By Jesper Lind

Tag frequency and popularity acceleration

Alex Hillman headlines his blog with the sentence "tagging isnt just for hoodlums anymore" and I couldn't agree more. Tags and social bookmarks are just everywhere and part of most Web2.0 services.

On my web site there's not that much content yet. But I feel I need to upgrade my categories soon and perhaps add a tag cloud.

Jason Kottke is having similar thoughts and writes an interesting post about how to calculate how much the popularity of the tags are accelerating. In this way you can produce a list of tags that represents what's been going on recently on the site. Sort of like the "hot tags" on Flickr.

By Jesper Lind