Films about social media and citizen journalism

Everybody that writes and sort data on the we helps th create the collaborative intelligens. This first film contains clippings from an article on Wired. We are teaching the machine...

The next clips is about citizen journalism. Cambridge Community Television does an historical review on alternative media.

The last film is called "Blogumentary" and takes us through the story about some famous bloggers in USA. Directed by Chuck Olsen.

(thanks Beta Alfa)

By Jesper Lind

Create Flex-apps with online compiler

Flex is really a cool concept that makes development of flash-applications a lot easier. If you wanna se what it's all about before buying the software, there is a online compiler avalible.

Start from scratch and write MXML- and ActionScript-cod, or start with the examples. When you are ready there are a button to get the code emailed to you directly. Below there's an exampel of an RSS-reader that I made.

Bear in mind that you can't enter any RSS-feed because of the sequrity settings in the flash-player. And for some reason my feed on the english version wouldn't work, so the app loads my swedish feed.



By Jesper Lind