The streetwear store Shelta goes worldwide

It was about a year ago when the swedish version of Shelta's webstore was born with some help from us as development partner.

Today we released the international version ( where we have worked on some improvements. We have removed the frames for more easy navigation and bookmarking, made it possible to choose from four different currencies and installed a nwe paymentsystem. André at Shelta has also worked on the design and given it a nice lilac color.

Please visit and check out SNS fisherman shirts, Nike Sneakers, Adidas Originals, Svensson jeans and a lot of other nice stuff for your winter shopping.

By Jesper Lind - new web shop

Today we released a new web shop that we have been working on the last year. DJ Digga at Shelta has done the fine design himself and we have developed the shopping system. Sorry, the site is in swedish only.

By Jesper Lind

TV News London - Redesign

TV News London is a well established communications company specialising in media training, presentation training and DVD production for individuals and organisations in both the public and private sectors.

We have done a redesign the TV News London website. The goal was to produce a modern and bright looking web site.

Visit TV News London's new website

By Jesper Lind

The new web site of Code Odyssey!

Yes we have made a remake of the website and extended it with a blog engine. This is where we will write about new things we're working on, programming and much more. 

By Jesper Lind