Turn off TSVNCache.exe to improve performance

Some time ago I had some problems with cpu intensive stuff running on my computer so I turned a lot of them off. TSVNCache is one of them that seemed to use lot of computer power.

That service is part of the Tortuise client and is responible for keeping the icon overlays up to date. So once turned of the root icons will not turn red automaticly when you change files in your repositories local copy.

I sort if mis them so today I turned them on again. I found the original article which I used to kill TSVNCache.exe:

Finally, we looked at the TortoiseSVN settings and saw that we could essentially disable TSVNCache.exe from running at all. This was under

TortoiseSVN > Settings > Icon Overlays > Status cache

There are two options that will kill TSVNCache:

  1. Shell
  2. None

I decided to go with “Shell” since it still gives you real-time status. The disadvantage is that status is not recursive, so folders containing modified files will not show the modified overlay.

Let's see how it behaves in the future, hopefully it is better now with the release of TortoiseSVN 1.7.

By Jesper Lind