Code Swarm - Visualizes commits to a repository

Code Swarm is a open source project which can be downloaded from the code base on Google. It uses the Processing engine  for the animations to vizualize the data.

The data can be based on a code repository and you can see how developer commits their parts of code during a timeline. The screenshot above is from the Eclipse project which can be seen on the Vimeo group code_swarmers. The Debian Perl Group is also cool and feature some nice ambient music.

By Jesper Lind

Tafiti – An experimental search concept built on Silverlight

The Silverlight applications are beginning to get a bit more advanced and to show tehe real possibillities. Microsoft is showing off Tafiti, a experimental search koncept built on Silverlight and Live Search.

The demo is showing off some fun features, for exempel the "tree" as you can see an screenshot of above. Perhaps not very useful, but a fine exampel on hos visualization can make search more fun.


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By Jesper Lind